We make data easy.

Data is vital to the automotive industry. It’s in everything we do.

But with so much being created and transferred every second, how can dealers and manufacturers maintain data integrity and ease of access? At Stamina, we love automotive data.

Whether it’s critical part information or customer service data, our solutions enable fast and secure data distribution and storage, so your business can use it to its full potential.

Data Capture
Your local connection to global data.

Capturing accurate automotive data and information has always been of the utmost importance. None more so than today where a huge amount of data is exchanged across the globe every day. Such a massive number of sources can make it challenging to compile and manage automotive data.  

Using Stamina’s global reach, we integrate with leading automotive data sources to capture and compile exactly what you need. Ensuring data is clean and secure is part of the Stamina promise.

Data Warehousing
A safe space for your data.

Critical data demands fast access and secure storage, no matter where you are. Our cloud-based, secure storage facilities hold your valuable data and also provide clear audit trails and change management of your information.

Stored to the highest of security standards, when your data is warehoused with Stamina, consider it locked away by a trusted pair of hands.

Data Distribution
Dynamic Data Distribution where you need, when you need.

If accessing and storing critical data is important, then distributing data is essential. Without efficient access to data up and down the right communication channels, data becomes irrelevant. We believe in making data distribution timely and relevant, and our access to DealerLink Network gives us the platform to ensure just that. With Stamina you’ll have access to critical information where and when you need it.

Your ERP is only as good as the data that fuels it

At Stamina, enabling the auto industry to work accurately and efficiently is our top priority. Whether you’re a car dealer accessing customer information, or a manufacturer sharing critical parts data, we believe that by providing access to ultra accurate data, storing and sharing it securely, is key to enabling the industry to deliver great customer outcomes.

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